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VAakatayi movie is actually a forthcoming vibrant artist starring along with star Ashish Raj as well as Kannada starlet Rukshar Mir. Younger supervisor Rom Bhimana is actually instructing the movie.

Aakatayi movie Download is actually a forthcoming Indian Telugu activity dramatization movie sent through Rom Bhimana Producers: Vijay Karan, Kaushal Karan, Anil Karan under advertisement VKA Films. The movie includes Aashish Raj Bidkikar as well as Rukshar Mir ahead characters. The movie was actually gone for Annapurna Studios in Hyderabad on July 22.

About VAakatayi Movie Status

Stars:Aashish Raj Bidkikar, Ruksar Meer
Director:Rom Bhimana
Genres: Action
Date Released:  Jan 26 2017 (India)

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