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IQRO full movie Aqila is actually a little bit of gal that menggandrungi astronomy planet however can easily certainly not quote. He wished to confirm to his close friends that he can monitor with field glasses Pluto principal Bosscha considering that his gramps (Opa) was actually a stargazer that moves the observatory. Yet accurately Aqila certainly not received a goal. Opa demands Aqila ought to manage to quote a brand new very first he has to notice Pluto. Exactly what is actually indicated Opa? Exists a relationship in between the Qur’ an and also examine deep space? Locate the solutions in #iqrodibioskop.

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Stars:Cok Simbara,Neno Warisman,Raihan Khan
Director:Iqbal Alfajri
Genres: Drama
Date Released:  Jan 26 2017 (Indonesia)

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