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Lucky Fat Man full movie Chow Chong Fat (Bob Lam) and also Wat Kam Heung (Mak Ling Ling), which understood one another given that youthful, are actually entering their 10th wedding ceremony anniversary. Excess fat which functions as the accounting professional and also useful guy in his other half’s household bistro is actually constantly ordered around and also harassed through his partner’s relative. Body fat leads an extremely dog’s life. The only trait that takes Fat away from his inflexible and also mundane lifestyle is actually the get-together along with his desire enthusiast Ceci (Natalie Tong). With no pleasure in lifestyle, Fat acquires a lottery ticket which amazingly gained him the first prize from HKD$ TWENTY thousand. Yet this is actually only the beginning from an entire fantastic tale …

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Stars:Bob Lam, Natalie Tong, Chu Mi Mi, Jacqueline Chong, Lo Hoi Pang, Mak Ling Ling 林盛斌,唐诗咏、朱咪咪,庄思敏,盧海鵬,麥玲玲
Director:Jill Wong 黃柏基
Genres: Romance,Comedy
Date Released:  Feb 16 2017 (China)

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